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Monday, January 17, 2011

Test of a Prince is complete.

I've had to set all my writing aside as I edit my first fantasy novel: Test of a Prince. The novel is actually the first volume in a fantasy epic about Jotunheim. I am just starting to edit the second volume: The Vale of Shade. The second volume is a bit longer, but I'm determined to wade through this so that I can use February break to get back to Glen and Barry's adventures.

I think people are going to enjoy this epic. So far the people who have read Test of a Prince aren't fantasy fans, but they say they love the characters and have gotten lost in the story. That's what any writer hopes for. Heck, I guess that's the mark of any book that is worth writing.

I am looking forward to seeing what the cover will look like. I am very excited!

I'll update when I know more.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review of Wolf in Shadow by David Gemmell

Perusing a used book store (one of my favorite places on Earth) I stumbled upon a series of books by David Gemmell. I had seen his name before, but as I do not have any personal friends that are fantasy readers I had no idea who he was. I purchased this first in the series about Jon Shannow, and I have to tell you, I experienced that magical euphoria you get when you discover a brilliant writer for the first time. Looking him up on wikipedia, I was downcast to learn he passed away while writing in 2006. Then I got really excited when I learned that in twenty years he turned out thirty novels.

I know I'll be scanning the G section of all the bookstores I frequent from now on.

I loved, loved, loved Wolf in Shadow. This novel will haunt my imagination now for the rest of my life. What a mix of western action, post-apocalyptic fantasy, and thoughtful philosophy! Jon Shannow, the Jerusalem man, is a lonely and somewhat insane drifter who stumbles across bandits, Atlantis, secret societies, love, and a nation of blood thirsty Satan worshippers. There are so many twists that I cannot begin to spoil the action or suspense for you (nor would I want to). At first I was worried that this would be a cheap and strange imitation of the Dark Tower series. As much as I love Stephen King, I loved Jon Shannow's character for its complexity and confused nobility much more than I did Roland, the Gunslinger.

This novel is perfect. I feel like an explorer who has just set his feet in a wondrously strange and entertaining land. I so look forward to reading the many series and novels from this man who I guess to be the ultimate master of late-twentieth century fantasy.

Review of Zombie Chunks by Chris Jacobsmeyer

This chapbook is appetizer for the zombie aficionado.

I have had the opportunity to read Chris Jacobsmeyer's Zombie Chunks. If you are a lover of all things zombie then you should not miss this little collection of undead gems. If you, like me have found the genre rotting, you need only treat yourself to this little buffet of stories.

My particular favorites were the first and last of the collection. The first, "Surrounded" details a post-zombie-apocalypse vampire and his struggles to keep order in a world where the few human survivors must be kept as cattle so that the vampires will have something to eat. The story sweeps you into a world. Like the anthology itself, the story will leave you hungry for more.

The final piece, co-written by Kody Boye, takes a page from Poe and details a couple of frat boys who are sequestered in a box store. I found myself finishing the chapbook with this one and groaning for more... brains!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ninja Blade can be read in Hit Men

You are hereby contracted to purchase this volume!

Isolation is available at amazon

Buy this one! I'm telling you, it will be worth it!