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Friday, April 9, 2010

"The Voice from the Tree" will see print!

My short fantasy story, "The Voice from the Tree" will see print in Brain Soup Magazine. I woke up this morning to find three responses. This was the winner. I am very excited about the thought of this story in print. It is a study in stubborn preseverence. I wrote this re-telling of the events of Genesis for an Anthology last summer. I loved it and wanted it so badly to make the cut. Eventually I heard from them and it was the last story cut from the anthology. I took my chances with a few other places, and I was even told I had written a good story, but the editor, being religious, couldn't in conscience publish it. I suppose it is a bit apocraphyl. But to me, it isn't so much about religion as it is about the human spirit, simians, and aliens. Well, I look forward to reading Brain Soup Magazine. I have listed the link below.

I realized today that I have sold 50% of the stories I have written in the past eight months. That's not bad. I would make one heck of a baseball player batting .500. Well, I will keep writing when I can...


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