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Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm a fantasy writer.

I know this seems silly, but I have come to a realization. I am a fantasy writer. I'm not a science-fiction writer. Everything I try to write that is science fiction just doesn't want to meet the parameters of what is realistic according to the erstwhile editors of science-fiction publications. I guess this makes sense. I love Ray Bradbury, and he even said that he was a fantasy writer. He said that only fahrenheit 451 could be considered true science fiction. I'm not sure, but maybe it is because I see the value of science fiction as providing allegories for life. I guess I'm just not interested in what kind of external devices that mankind may come up with in the hopes to solve an essentially internal problem, he (or she) is not happy, and they forget to be kind and thoughtful to each other, their home, and to themselves.

I do love dreams, and their limitless possiblities. What is a story, but a shared dream. So, I will embrace my fantasy writing reality. Hopefully, I can avoid any confused/and confusing rejections from folks who seem to appreciate my creative efforts, but do not see how my story technically fits into their publications.

I'm not really a horror writer, either, but do delve into some pretty dark fantasy. I'm not interested in splatter punk, seriel killers or the like. I have a lot of trouble ever coming up with suspense stories. I'll still try to trick horror editors into accepting my fanciful stuff. I do write about fears in a most allegorical fashion.

I hope to write more news here soon. My wife says she wants me to give a reading in Waterford on the 3rd. My colleagues in the Language Arts department have read my story. One of them wants to teach it to his "Contemporary Voices" Lit. class. Well, that should be interesting. I wonder how adolescents will take to a story about parental fears...

I'll keep you updated.


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