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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stephen King's new book

Stephen King's new book is out. I used part of my earnings as a writer to pre-purchase Under the Dome. I expect it to arrive in the next couple of days. I am very excited. I always enjoy Mr. King's writing, but this one sounds like a particular winner. I will write a review when I have finished it. If you have never really given Stephen King a chance, you should I think he is the best writer alive, and I would love to meet him in person some day. I haven't read absolutely everything by the man, but I have read a lot. These are the books I have found the most entertaining:

1. Salem's Lot
2. "Everything's Eventual" (anthologized under the same title)
3. It
4. The Dead Zone
5. "The Mist" (anthologized in Skeleton Crew)

But, that's just a start. There are so many works that are underappreciated:
Such as:
Cell- This apocalyptic Zombie book is a work of allegorical genius. The thing captures life during and after 9/11 to a T. I am surprised that more people haven't written of this. The book is full to the brim of commentary on life in George W. Bush's America. So many people say that there is no good post 9/11 literature. They haven't read King. Also check out "The Things They Left Behind" in Just after Sunset. The short story captures the fall out from this tragedy with power. I hope Stephen King keeps writing for years to come. People will look back a hundred years from now and they will read, teach, and recommen King as the voice of his times.

On the writing front, I have written a supernatural ghost story for an anthology for young adults and I keep on sending out stuff every chance I get. I have put off editing my novel for a couple of months until after the holidays in the hopes that the winter will give me more time and hopefully to sell a few more yarns, as well.

Also, if you have never read, Grapes of Wrath, do it now. I'm teaching the book, and I was amazed at how relevant it is in the light of the recession and the bank by outs and all of that rigamarole. I watched Capitalism: A Love Story and was shocked to hear word for word some reactions of the evicted Americans with the voices of displaced farmers in Steinbeck's masterpiece.

Well, Go well and Stay well as they said over and over again in Cry, The Beloved Country.


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