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Monday, May 31, 2010

Been busy writing!

Well, I have been putting in a concentrated effort to be a bit more productive. It is amazing how the stress of dealing with work as a teacher, being a father of five, dealing with my boy's arthritis and related conditions, and everything else can sap a guy's creative drive. It is also interesting how one can use those daily trials as excuses for not doing one of the things that make him or her most happy. In the end, though, when I stop hemming and hawing and sit down and just write, all of that anguish and frustration just floats away and I am better fit to face those trials.

Last week I wrote a story called: "A Funeral for Mister Cuddles". It is a buddy story between a werewolf and a Sasquatch. It was so much fun to write. I had the experience once again of feeling like I was just reporting on something that I had given the opportunity of witnessing. Well, my usual readers loved it and pointed out some themes that I guess I must have been subconsciously mulling over. I sent it out and have high hopes.

This weekend I wrote a novelet entitled: "The Pyrelord Awakens". It is sword and sorcery fantasy with a couple of interesting characters that came to me sitting by the campfire years ago. It was fun to finally find out what they were all about. I anticipate writing many more stories about Crimm the Pyrelord and Dr. Jack Ween the Wardmaster (and their girl, Friday).

I can't wait for Summer vacation. I have so much I want to write. I will be working on a horror story next. As soon as June 19th strikes, I'll be editing my fantasy novel and finishing my novel: The Gifted Program.

It's Memorial Day, so remember those that stood in liberty's defense. I lost my Uncle Andy last year, who had one arm and a golden heart. I never got to meet my grandpa Eddie, who worked his way through France and Germany against the Fascists. I hope to soon see my Dad-in-law, the one-eyed Richard. To these and all those who have put aside their safety for ours, thank you.

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