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Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer is here!

Summer vacation has arrived. I have been helping my son get better from an operation last week, but still managed to squeeze out a horror story, entitled: "The Reservoir". It scared me and it was a story I always knew I would have to write. I always swim and canoe at a couple of Connecticut River reservoirs. One of them lies over a village in which my great grandfather lived. I always wondered what waited down there... It is even technically a Lovecraft mythos story, my first (that I've tried to publish).

I have got to get started on a big project, but what to do, what to do? I'm sure inspiration will strike me. I just have so many big projects lined up in my head, I'm not sure which one to pull out dust off and hope the magic is still there.

I just got my copy of A Magical Summer by Pandora's Imagination. "Thorbadin's Dilemma" is there, just on the front side of the center of the book. Not too shabby a place. Thorbadin is a carpenter that is despondent that the gods do not afford him and his wife any "quality quiet time" together. Then a member of his wife's coven discovers an ancient prophecy. Apparently the gods want Thorbadin to father a hero on the next summer solstice. The problem is, he's not to father it with his wife. What will he do? Buy a copy and find out.

Well, it is back to the blank screen and the big creative leap to who knows where...


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