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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Tripwire Trio

"The Tripwire Trio" will see print with Static Movement's Powers: A Superhero Anthology very soon. I came up with these characters when I was 12. I thought how cool would it be to actually see if I could do it know that I am 3 times that age. Well, I was pretty happy with the results and the editor seemed to be, as well.

This story is about three GI's in WWII that are part of a top secret experiment. They get the ultimate call of duty in the story.

I love writing superhero fiction. I have written a couple of stories so far in this particular universe and plan on writing plenty of novels about them.

I just finished another short story for The Beta City anthology over at The Library. I am very hopeful for that one, too. Just have to edit it...

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