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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review of Zombie Chunks by Chris Jacobsmeyer

This chapbook is appetizer for the zombie aficionado.

I have had the opportunity to read Chris Jacobsmeyer's Zombie Chunks. If you are a lover of all things zombie then you should not miss this little collection of undead gems. If you, like me have found the genre rotting, you need only treat yourself to this little buffet of stories.

My particular favorites were the first and last of the collection. The first, "Surrounded" details a post-zombie-apocalypse vampire and his struggles to keep order in a world where the few human survivors must be kept as cattle so that the vampires will have something to eat. The story sweeps you into a world. Like the anthology itself, the story will leave you hungry for more.

The final piece, co-written by Kody Boye, takes a page from Poe and details a couple of frat boys who are sequestered in a box store. I found myself finishing the chapbook with this one and groaning for more... brains!

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