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I write and live with my beautiful wife, Sandra, and sons (Solstice, Finnegan and Brahms) in a little-big house on a dirt road in a valley in the hills. My secret identity struggles through the grind of teaching high school English to the denizens of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hairy again...

On Monday, I finished editing my fantasy epic, The Jotunheim saga. The first volume, Test of a Prince, should be published during this first half of the year (if all goes well). The second volume, The Vale of Shade, will come out about six months later. The inspiration for this story hit me like a bolt of lightning after a date with my wife-to-be in the spring of 1999. That was almost twelve years ago. Since then I've been married, fathered twin sons, help raise three other children, survived house fires, house searches, renovations, and more living than I had in twice the time before. Well, through this journey I managed to type out this other one. Rewriting the thing made me realize how much of a young man's perspective is woven into the saga.

Now, I am back at writing the great road trip epic of The Hairy Monster Book: a Hirsute Bromance. I am amazed at how I write. I have the destination in mind, but am often surprised by the way the characters manage to get there. I look forward to laughing out loud as I type as the sun continues to melt away this accursed ice and brings about the relative paradise of another Vermont spring and summer.

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