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Friday, March 16, 2012

Big things to come...

1. I wrote a weird horror story the other night and sent it into what is shaping up to be a killer anthology. I don't know if I'll make it in, but I'll still be happy. I like the story a lot, and it will fit in nicely with my new anthology, which I will self-publish very soon, which contains all of my best published and unpublished horror and weird tales. I will update as soon as I am done editing.

2. I am currently editing my latest novel: The Wardmaster. This one has werewolves, vampires, zombies, ghouls, mutant monsters, witches, jedi-like warriors, inter-dimensional cross-overs and motorcycle mamas. Yeah, it is a big sprawling epic, and I'm sure it will find a home soon.

3. The Vale of Shade should be done the editing process by the end of the month. Then hopefully it will be a hop, skip and a jump to publication. This is the sequel and the final volume of the Jotunheim saga which began with Test of a Prince.

4. Still waiting to find out where we stand with Hairy Bromance. I am very excited for folks to read this horror comedy road trip buddy extravaganza about a sasquatch and a werewolf. The novel is contracted, were just waiting for the editing...

5. I wrote a middle-grade book about twins separated by death, but brought back together again when they find The Door to Halloween. This is a heartbreaking fantasy, that for whatever reason I've shelved for some time. I plan to dust this baby off, give it a polish and see what the world thinks of this one, soon...

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