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Saturday, April 14, 2012

My upcoming projects

-I have two novels contracted and waiting on word of their progress with The Twisted Library: The Vale of Shade and Hairy Bromance. The Vale should be done editing this month, so if everything works well, it should be out by June. This will wrap up the Jotenheim saga (hopefully to my readers' satisfaction). I can't wait for people to read Hairy Bromance!

-I've sent out The Wardmaster to a wonderful publisher and if anyone has some free fingers to cross for me, I'd appreciate it.

-I'm editing/re-writing The Door to Halloween, which I hope to have done in the next week. This kid's fantasy is an Oz-like celebration of the best holiday and the love that transcends the mortal veil. My lovely wife has agreed to illustrate it, and with any luck it will be available by the end of the summer (well before you have to start thinking about costumes!)

-Next week I begin a non-fiction project about my father-in-law, Richard Brown, and his experiences in Vietnam. I am a little daunted by the scope of this book, but excited about the prospect of recording this for posterity. More on this as I progress...

-And who knows, I just might find some time to whip out a short story or five in the meantime!

I hope you are all doing well. Remember if you get bored, buy one of my books. It is the panacea for all tedium and ennui. Oh, and write a review, pretty please?


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