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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The journey begins again...

In early March, I finished my novel The Wardmaster, and then I did something pretty silly. I edited it. That was good: I sent it out, and hope to hear from the publisher within the next week or so. Then, I started editing and formatting The Night Library. That was successful, and many people have been enjoying this collection of spooky tales. Well, I got very excited and began editing/re-writing a middle grade fantasy book: The Door to Halloween. Big mistake. Halfway in I lost steam. I think it is a great book, but I just couldn't maintain my enthusiasm after two months of spending whatever free time I could spare while I taught, raised children, and was as good and present as a husband as I could be, editing.

I promised to write a memoir about the Vietnam experience, but wanted to wait for those two blissful months of summer to sit down with my dad-in-law and really get the whole story. In the meantime I felt listless, though. What would I write? I abandoned my editing (for now) and decided to set out on a whole new adventure, with the plans to have this one wrapped up by the time I return to teaching in August. This one is: Ride, Valkyries, Ride! (tentative title). It is a dark fantasy/horror tale about the motorcycle mamas of midgard which were first introduced in the second half of The Wardmaster. This decision was sort of mandated by my lovely wife (who fell in love with the characters).

Yesterday, I did the hardest part of all. I put words on a blank page. A couple of hours later, I had lost time, and groaned when I was pulled away from the world of monster-hunting ladies to go and pick up my teenager from ultimate fighting practice. I'd say that was a real victory, and already I can't wait to see what lies at the end of this particular journey. Actually, I hope it is just the first of many rides I will take with Inge and her girls.

I have been in contact with the editor of The Vale of Shade, and she is nearing completion of the daunting task of combing through that huge conclusion to the Jotunheim saga. I haven't heard from the publisher in a while concerning that one or Hairy Bromance and I'm getting a little antsy about it. I spent a long time on these books and would love to have people read them. Hopefully, I'll know more soon.

Well, wish me luck and may your own journeys end happily!

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