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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Vale of Shade is coming!

Hey all,

My first foray into novel writing will finally see the light of day! The Vale of Shade, naively conceived as a giant 1 volume monster of an epic, will be published soon in three volumes by me! Originally the first 2/5ths of the work was published by The Twisted Library, and I am still so thankful for the chance they gave me to see my work in print, but it has been a long haul and now I have the rights back. Over two years since accepted for publication, people will get to read the full journey of Arden, the cursed Prince, and his motley band of friends.

Curtis Hale, painter extraordinaire will be doing the covers. I've already seen the first one and man, you are in for a Gothic artistic treat!

The proposed publication will be:

Vol. 1: Test of a Prince- Some time in early October

Vol. 2: The Bastard Prophecy- Some time in January 2013

Vol. 3: Lord of an Endless Realm- Some time in March 2013

Man, I am very excited. These should be available both in print and for the kindle at those times.

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  1. I just finished it, and I really enjoyed book 1. Very unique, very interesting. I was mildly disappointed in how short it was, but I'm looking forward to the other two books. Thanks.