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Friday, December 11, 2009

Seeing my book in print

Well, the reading never came to fruition. I should have figured. It was too much for us to organize with the five children and everything else on our plates. This is not really a time for writing or anything else for that matter.

I have always dreamed of seeing my name in print and walking into my library, the bookstore I worked in to see the book containing my novel or story on the shelf.

The regional library was closed to the public last June. Governer Douglas decided that a public library was not free market enough an idea for him and did his best to end it. Now, we can't get books out or peruse the shelves unless we are home schoolers or a school library. We can't afford to be a home schooler, so...

The store I worked in and met my wife in closed a number of years ago.

But, the upside is the librarian at my high school library bought a copy. It is going on the shelf this month. Don't know if kids will read it, but it is cool to see it in the Short story collection!

I am looking forward to the publication of my story, "The Dragon Wager" in March!


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