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I write and live with my beautiful wife, Sandra, and sons (Solstice, Finnegan and Brahms) in a little-big house on a dirt road in a valley in the hills. My secret identity struggles through the grind of teaching high school English to the denizens of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"A Funeral for Mister Cuddles" has been accepted!

My funny story about the friendship between a sasquatch and a werewolf will see print in Library of Horror Press's Groanology: Amusing Monster Mash-ups. This made my day! I loved writing this story and I hope people will enjoy reading it.

I've been writing like a madman, when I am not eating, picking up kids, dropping off kids, helping out around the house and everything else necessary for a husband and a father of five. I have written two more stories this week. The first is a short story about a retired superhero who finds out his son has inherited his propensity for powers. The second is a dark tale about an American student who gets stuck between two supernatural forces of evil in England. I wish them well, and send them out.

I will be on vacation on a very deep and cold lake next week, but I look forward to writing a few more tales and finishing my latest novel this summer. I hope yours is going well.



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