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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A novel experience!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Yesterday, I had a novel experience (every pun intended). My beautiful wife and I went to Littleton, NH (just across the Connecticut River) to do some last minute shopping yesterday. When we went into the Village Book Store, I found two copies of my first novel on the shelf. It was really something. It is a place I frequented as a child, and to see my books there really was a magical moment. As I signed the books, a nice young woman who had gone to school with my brother, Trace, approached and talked to me about the book and my lovely acting brother. I couldn't have had a better Christmas present!

They say you reap what you sow. Little would I know that the seed of a story that was planted when I was dating my wife in 1998 be harvested at Christmas time in 2011. I guess good times do come to those that wait (and work!).

So, I hope you and yours are doing well, and that good will follows you throughout your days.


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