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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review of The Shattergrave Knights

If you have a kindle, The Shattergrave Knights, by David M. Haendler, is a real fantasy triumph. It is about twin brother and sister who find out that they are heir to a very dark and mystical legacy. The only problem is that they live in a religious dystopia where "witchfinder's" prowl the realm. I have to say that I was really intrigued by this story. The takes on the last dragon, goblins (they pick their nose for good reason!) and magic are really original and wonderful. The plot was fun and it read quickly. The only reason I wouldn't give it five stars, because in the end, I wanted more. There are so many things to capitalize in this fantastic place. I understand a first time writer's hesitation to get bogged down in the details, but hopefully, Mr. Haendler will be as inspired to write more of this story as I am to read them.

This is 99 cents on Amazon right now. It is worth much more. If you don't have a kindle yet, I can't think of a better reason to get one.

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