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I write and live with my beautiful wife, Sandra, and sons (Solstice, Finnegan and Brahms) in a little-big house on a dirt road in a valley in the hills. My secret identity struggles through the grind of teaching high school English to the denizens of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My progress...

Hey, you guys!

My short story, "England, the Bad Dream" is now available in the anthology, "Oh, the Horror" by Static Movement. It is a creepy tale of an American abroad student who gets caught between two rival and very evil forces in England.

My short ghost story, "The House on Dearborn Street" is available in the anthology, "Ghostly Tales of Terror", from Living Dead Press. This one is for young people, and I'm psyched to be in a book like the ones I loved as a kid. I have told this one many times to frighten my students, my children, and my nephew and nieces.

I am pretty much done the final draft of The Door to Halloween. Now we'll see if some literary agents want to make some money with me. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I am about to get back to Glen and Barry in order to complete "The Hairy Monster Book".

I will write more when I know more...


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