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Monday, September 20, 2010

My fall/winter plans

Well, I have had a few real great sales of stories. It's nice to see the stories I wrote this summer finding homes. I would love to keep cranking out all kinds of short stories, but I have The Vale of Shade coming out this winter (hopefully!), and I want to keep on the fast track for my five year plan (I'm only at the beginning of year 2!). There are still a few more stories out there waiting to find out if they will be accepted, but I've got good hopes for those, too. This will be my plan:

1. I need to do some editing of my dark fantasy novel for kids: The Door to Halloween. It is a great book and I know It'll be out in the bookstores within the next year or so.

2. I need to do some final editing on the second and third book of The Vale of Shade: The Bastard Prophecy and Lord of an Endless Realm.

3. I have given myself till the end of February to complete The Hairy Monster Book, a humorous fantasy/buddy road trip story of Glen, the Sasquatch, and Barry, the Werewolf.

So, Now, I dive in, and with any luck, in a year or so, I will have five books out on the shelves. And then there's the two sequels I have planned for The Door...

I won some booty in the 2010 pirate contest over at The Library of the Living Dead. This reminds me. If you haven't read "Mother Cassie Goes on Account", GO AND DO IT NOW! You can go to www.loreleisignal.com and make sure you vote for my story. YOU ONLY HAVE A LITTLE OVER ONE WEEK TO DO SO!

Well, now, if I can stay healthy, be a good Dad, husband, and teacher, and manage these grandiose plans, I will have certainly earned my place in the weird literary hall of fame.

Wish me luck!


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