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Friday, May 18, 2012

Some words about the whole Tony G. issue.

Hey, I want people to know that although I had a story published with Tony G. and his Undead Press, that was the extent of the business I had with him (that and a long telephone conversation). Almost immediately afterward, I decided not to send any more stories to places where I would not receive any copies, checks, or royalties. I felt that my work had proven itself in the small press, and frankly I couldn't afford to buy copies for the rate at which (at the time) I was cranking out little weird tales. Not that I am denigrating all the small presses out there that do not always offer payment, but it is nice to know that the publisher is aiming at getting your name out there rather than relying on you being so excited you will get all your well-meaning relatives to purchase copies.

Tony G, on the other hand (and if you don't know what I'm talking about- get on any writer's blog (Gaiman, Keene, etc.) appears to be a real piece of work. I am thankful that my experience was not so negative as some of the other writers who had their work skewered and twisted and received only rudeness and threats in response to their complaints. If you are a writer starting out, be sure to check out what people have said about that press, and the editor. I myself will work on the future to be sure the publisher is genuinely working for the best interest of his or her writers.

To be honest, the best experience I've had so far with small presses and anthologies for short fiction is Eric Beebe and Post-Mortem Press. My work went into the same volume as some pretty famous and noteworthy authors (both old and new), it was promoted and I received copies and checks. I think it is important for young writers to have positive experiences with a legitimate publisher. Please, if you have something in mind, check out PMP. You won't regret it!


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