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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Witch-Father is now available!

So, you don't have time for a novel? You are craving some fantasy action and suspense? Love stories of fearsome desperate psychics as they wage an endless war against the corrupt and undead? Look no further. "The Witch-Father" is available for the kindle (or for free kindle apps). This is just the first published story about Crimm, the Pyrelord. Right now, a publisher is considering the epic fantasy novel: The Wardmaster, which details how Crimm awoke from a sleep of a thousand years. Here is the link and the description:

Tammas Graysheldson was a husband, father and grandfather to witches, a carpenter, and as good a soul as any in Vanaheim. When a cult kidnaps his twin grandsons, Tammas takes up sword against an ancient and awful evil. The Logos sees fit to grant him a companion in Crimm, the Pyrelord and the last of the Vraghmin. But will a psychic warrior and a grandfather's love be enough?

This short story is a Chronicle of Crimm, the warrior who awakens from the sleep of a thousand years to find his beloved Vanaheim in the clutches of the monstrous Twisted Ones. Look for The Wardmaster, a epic dark fantasy novel that tells the tale of the Pyrelord's awakening.


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