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Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting hairier all the time...

Well, I'm 23,000 words into The Hairy Monster Book. I am also having a great time with my pals Glen and Barry. Can't wait for everybody to read about their misadventures. I also wrote a rather sweet (I think) Halloween story the other day. It is about a WWII veteran widower and I guess it was fitting that I wrote it on Veterans day.

I just finished Blockade Billy by Stephen King. I just hope old Uncle Stevie has a whole lot more yarns in him to keep the rest of us sated for quite a while. The story is told with such a love of baseball, but with Mr. King's appropriately gothic brush strokes. I have to say his honest portrayal of a madman as a mirror for our own extremes in behavior is true literature, and I just want to go to the future when American Literature classes of the 22nd century will be largely Stephen King studies and go back to my tenth grade class and tell my teacher that Stephen King is so much more than bubble gum for the mind.

I guess my teacher didn't get the memo that some gum helps keep your teeth clean and improves your breath at the same time.

Well, I hope all is well with you and yours. I'll write more when I know more...
I've been also reading Lazarus by Lori Titus, and I'm really enjoying it. I'll write a full review when I finish.

I've been sporadically reading Mystic Signals 7, which has my story: "Mother Cassie Goes on Account", you can read many of these stories at the link to the right. I'll write about my favorites as soon as I'm done the entire book/magazine.

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